Artist Sung Mi, Hwang new series “Flower”


SUNG-MI, HWANG, artist based in Korea, is wrestling with copyrights appeals, emulation and other serial stalking so on. She newily published books and have created series <Flower> florid, black and white, laced and floriated, have conveyed by photograph, products, prints, installation. Korea’s corporate and all over the worlds have been emulated her style, have pathologically stalked for over 20 years and her homepage has hacked. To solve the problem, need governmental authority but corrupted any public power has not responded yet. 


Works starts from conflicting concepts such as life and death, black and white, visible and invisible, inside and outside; I am interested in dichotomous ideas. These are ultimately not contrary concepts at antipodes but cycles which are kinds of dialectical structures. The contradictions on the boundary of these binary concepts go through thesis -antithesis -synthesis and lead to unity.

That is , these pairs of notions form circular structures, realizing that there are many innumerable concepts and the passage of physical time flows through the gap between them. “Life is death, death is life.“ Flowers live within a moment which is blooming and withering, that is, Vanitas (futility). A flower’s lifetime is similar to the life of a disposable plastic bag. Thin and translucent plastic life, being used and discarded, rotting in about 100 years. It is a time of fast life and states a lapse of time. Plastic stands as an opposing concept to genuineness, representing the fake and the artificial. “There is no absolute good or absolute evil and they are relative.“

Plastic and lace which are not just transparent but also opaque are material displaying the contradiction and the coexistence of two worlds such as life and death, black and white, truth and false, visible and invisible. These materials reflect all of the tangible and reverse sides. “Countless colours exist between achromatic colours which are black and white.“ There are various colours having a chroma. These various types of colours stand for diversity, and also represent different species of creatures.

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