Chaeun Song Published book about genetic factors, “Traveling with Medical Genetic Factors”

Chaeun Song - Traveling with Medical Genetic Factors

The author shares knowledge of genetic factors and the importance of  its knowledge. From the composition of cells to the principles of DNA to Mendel’s law
Everything about the world’s easiest gene to understand.

It is also difficult for adults to understand genetics by writing alone. This is because unfamiliar terms and unfamiliar phenomena appear recklessly. So easy figures can be a useful tool for understanding genetics. The reader can learn the role naturally by showing the phenomena that occur inside the cell vividly in cartoons and seeing the factors that contribute to the life action personify and relate to each other. The protagonists, who are small enough to swim in the cells of our bodies, look at how the cells are composed and see the double helix of DNA with their own eyes. At this time, it is in crisis by destroying the nucleotides that make up DNA, but it only prevents the occurrence of mutations. In the process, ribosomes, proteins, and nucleotides appear as characters to cheer and help other cells do what they do in their bodies.

By learning cell division, genetic principles according to alleles, and finally Mendel’s law, the two main characters encompass both basic knowledge of genetics with the reader. Concepts that lack explanation to express in cartoons are kindly explained in the appendix at the end of each chapter to help the reader understand.

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