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The online brand assists parents of young children between the ages of 3 and 8 in enhancing the development of their children’s reading comprehension through phonics-based English reading lessons.

14 June 2022: My ABC Reading is happy to announce that parents of young children between the ages of 3 and 8 can visit its website to find 10 straightforward lessons to aid their children in beginning to read with phonics.

The online reading platform was created with the express purpose of making reading with phonics fun for children. It offers them a variety of extremely engaging online reading video courses that educate and amuse them at the same time.

According to Timir Naha, founder and CEO of My ABC Reading, “We believe reading should not be presented to children as a chore, but rather as a pleasurable practise.” All of our lessons, he continued, “were developed by international experts in early childhood education, and they were all geared to make reading fun.”

Parents or guardians of children who fall within the age range can join up for the carefully curated online lessons or pay for live video sessions that are tailored to their child’s specific reading needs in order to take benefit of the platform’s offerings.

The online platform was created to provide children a competitive edge in reading early by the English teaching expert Timir Naha, who has considerable knowledge and training in teaching reading comprehension skills to children globally.

My ABC Reading offers a free phonics learning programme that is accessible on mobile app stores, in addition to the many self-learning course videos that kids may safely watch at home. This app gives young learners a step-by-step, distinctive method to reading ABC.

The online ABC reading lessons offer early-stage readers a highly engaging and enjoyable learning experience, as well as certification upon completion, so they can track their progress and be proud of their successes. The lessons blend interesting animated movies with enjoyable quizzes.

My ABC Reading offers parents and guardians a time-tested and time-saving technique that will help their children grow in confidence with each reading lesson by fusing its extensive curriculum with cleverly structured lessons that convey knowledge more quickly.

Anyone interested in learning more about My ABC Reading or how to teach phonics or study phonics sounds can visit the company’s website or get in touch with the online reading platform directly using the contact information provided below.


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