Do the Niagara Falls shut off during the night?

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Niagara Falls – that should be one of the unique destinations that almost everyone across the world looks to visit. While not everybody is capable of making it, if you are one of those blessed lot, you might have heard about a lot of rumours doing the rounds.  One such rumour is, perhaps, that the Niagara Falls go dry into the night after the lights are shut off.

Do the Niagara Falls shut off at night?

The clear and simple answer to that question should be – NO. An emphatic No with a capital N. The Niagara Falls are the natural waterfalls and there is no way it can be shut off – whether during the day or at night.

Having said that, it should be noticed that the water falls face a little change in the flow of the water during the day and at night. There are water intakes on the falls on both the United States and Canada sides. The water diverted to these intakes is used in the power plants used for producing electrical energy.

The power authorities can control the amount of the water diverted to the power plants. That is exactly why the Niagara Falls do face a change in the water flow. It is quite possible that more water is drawn during the night than during the day. That can specifically be due to the fact that the falls witnesses more visitors during the day than at night.

So, while the waterfalls may not stop completely as suggested by that rumour, the water flow can get reduced.

More about the Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls perhaps needs no introduction. The world’s most popular falls are located on the Niagara River which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The waterfalls are collectively referred to as Niagara Falls.

Finding where exactly the Waterfalls are located is something the merry makers avoid discussing. The popular water fall is located between the United States and Canada and in fact, the Niagara River acts as the international border between the United States and Canada. The Niagara Waterfalls essentially have three distinct falls – The American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls in the USA and the Canadian “Horseshoe” Falls in Canada.

One of the major attractions at that Niagara Falls that you do not want to miss out on would be witness the nightly Falls Illumination. The entire falls range is illuminated at night and that is indeed a very breath-taking site ever that you would want to enjoy. Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience for most of the international tourists, it should be what you would find quite interesting and awesome at its best.

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